Add an Email Domain

In this article, we'll explain how to add your email domain to Encharge and improve email deliverability.

Why add an email domain?

Please note that from 31 Jan 2024, adding a domain name is mandatory to send emails in Encharge. This change is due to Gmail and Yahoo's new email-sending policies. If you haven't verified your domain name before this date, your email sending will be paused.

Other benefits of adding a domain name include:

  • Remove the "via" notice.
  • Authenticate your email domain with Encharge.
  • Save time verifying email addresses separately.
  • Build your domain reputation.
  • Comply with DMARC protocol.

Remove the "via" notice

By default emails sent from Encharge will have the "via" string next to your email address.

This is not a deal-breaker for most of us, but if you want to have completely white-labeled emails, you can remove that notice by adding an email domain. That way, people will not be able to see the service you use to send emails.

Authenticate your email domain with Encharge

By adding your email domain to Encharge you're authorizing your domain to send emails from Encharge. This would drastically improve email deliverability and prevent your emails from getting in Spam. 

Also, note that some email domains do not allow unauthorized email sending. In those cases, authenticating your email domain is not optional but required in order to send emails from Encharge.

Save time verifying email addresses separately

Verifying a domain name would allow you to send emails from all email addresses under that domain name without having to verify each address separately. This is especially handy if multiple people need to use your account.

Build your domain reputation

Without verifying your domain, you are sending emails from the Encharge domain name. Sending messages from someone else's domain name will not contribute to the sender's reputation of your domain. Conversely, when you verify your domain, you will start building your own domain reputation and this will contribute to your email deliverability long-term.

Comply with DMARC protocol

A DMARC policy allows a sender's domain to indicate that their email messages are protected by SPF and/or DKIM, and tells a receiver what to do if neither of those authentication methods passes – such as to reject the message or quarantine it. The policy can also specify how an email receiver can report back to the sender's domain about messages that pass and/or fail. DMARC is designed to give email domain owners the ability to protect their domain from unauthorized use, commonly known as email spoofing. The purpose and primary outcome of implementing DMARC is to protect a domain from being used in business email compromise attacks, phishing emails, email scams, and other cyber threat activities. 

NOTE: If you have DMARC enabled on your domain, it will be mandatory to pass domain verification through Encharge. Otherwise, emails will not be delivered citing domain verification issues.

How to add an Email Domain

Go to the Domain Verification page by clicking on the Settings icon at the top right and selecting Domain Verification.

Click on the blue plus (+) button on the bottom left. Enter your domain name in the format

Click on the Continue button. You will be taken to a page with the DNS records that you need to add to your DNS host.

You might need to forward the information to someone on your technical team to set this up for you. If your domain name is "", DNS hostnames look like . Depending on your DNS host, you might need to omit "" from the hostname. Once you set the DNS records in your DNS host, click on Verify. If successful, the status will change to Verified:

Important Note: Encharge takes care of the SPF records when you verify a domain name with us.

Troubleshooting Pending domains

Domain propagation usually takes a few hours. Please wait at least a day before troubleshooting any pending domains.

If you've set up your domain settings correctly and waited for 24 hours but the domain is still showing as "Pending", there are few things you can do to resolve the issue.

  1. Click to edit the Pending domain and click on the Verify button again. Most of the time, this will solve the problem and verify your domain.
  2. Delete the domain and add the domain settings again, then click verify.
  3. Consult with your hosting and ensure that the domain is propagating 

Common questions

Can I add more than one domain per account?

Yes, you can add up to 5 domains per account. 

If I add an email domain, will emails be sent from my own server?

No. Email sending and deliverability will still be handled through the Encharge servers. You're only authenticating your domain and improving the deliverability of your emails.

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