Double Opt-in

To enforce a double opt-in process for your contacts, you can create a Flow. 

To do that follow the instructions below.

1. Create your confirmation email

Create a new email like this one and include the confirmation email link in it:

For the confirmation link, you need a custom landing page like thanking subscribers for confirming the opt-in. 

Alternatively, you can use a UTM/ref link that leads to your homepage for instance

It's critical that you include a unique confirmation link and not a link to your homepage.

2. Create the confirmation Flow

Create the following Flow:

This Flow will automatically send the Confirmation email to all people that enter your Encharge account.

3. Create a segment of opted-in people

The last step is to create a segment of people that have clicked on the confirmation link.

Use the "Email Activity" condition and segment all people that have clicked on the confirmation link:

This will create a segment of people that have opted in to receive emails from you.

Finally, ensure that you're only sending Flows and Broadcasts to this segment of people.

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