Default Merge Tag Values

Default merge tag values work as a fallback when the value of the merge tag is empty.

In the example below, we have a merge tag for First Name, and a default value of "friend". 

{{person.firstName | default: "friend"}}

If a person does not have a first name, they would be addressed as "friend" instead.

Adding default values to merge tags

Some merge tags like First Name are automatically inserted with a default value, but most of them are not. 

You can manually add a default value to each and every merge tag that you use.

For instance, the automatically inserted merge tag for Company looks like this:


To insert a default value, change the tag to:

{{ | default: "default value here"}} 

For example: {{ | default: "your company"}}

That way, if a person lacks a recorded company, the tag would use the text value "your company" instead.

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