Build a Basic Email with the Simple Email Builder

The Simple email editor allows you to create plain text emails – the type of emails you'd create when writing an email manually from Gmail or a similar email client.

The required fields on top are the same as the Drag and Drop Editor:

  • Email name – this is only visible by you. 
  • Subject line.
  • From email – the email that your users will see. Note that you can use different emails, as long as you have permission to send from this email.
  • From name – your name.

Extra options:

When you click on the "More" button you get the option to enter:

  • Reply to email – if you want to use a different reply to email.
  • Reply to name – if you want to use a different reply to name.
  • CC and BCC – limited to 5 recipients (email addresses) each. Also, note that CC and BCC are disabled when sending test emails (i.e., using the "Send test" feature).

The actual editor is quite different from the Drag and drop one. With the Simple Editor, you don't get the option to design custom templates or add visual elements. You can still format the text of your email content using the toolbox at the top to make your text bold, italic, and so on. 

Note that currently, it's not possible to add images with the Simple Editor.

Once you're happy with your email, make sure to test it by clicking on Send Test at the top right. By default, the test is sent to your login email address, but you can also send a test to a different email address by clicking on the arrow in the button:

Once you're done with the email, click on Save and Close. Also, note that Emails are not automatically saved, so make sure to click on the Save button from time to time to ensure that your email is saved.

If you're creating your email from the Emails page, you will be taken to that page once you click on Save and close. If you're creating it from the Send Email Step once saved the email will be attached to the step.

That's it! You just created an email with Encharge.

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