Set up Form Tracking

Form tracking in Encharge enables you to track HTML forms on your website. Form tracking only works with standard HTML forms and requires Site Tracking installed on your website. 

There are three main benefits of tracking forms in Encharge:

  • You can trigger a Flow with tracked forms using the Tracked Form Submitted trigger step.
  • When an anonymous person submits a tracked form, they will automatically be identified. 
  • You can view any submitted forms as activity on the Activity Feed in the Dashboard and the profile of the person.

Note that currently, it's not possible to create segments based on the submitted tracked form. If you'd like these features, please create a feature request.

How to track a form

Go to Site Settings  Forms or click on this link:
Click on the blue plus circle at the bottom left
You will see a list of the available pages that contain a form on your website. If you're not seeing the page with your form, submit the form and click Refresh.

Select the form and click Continue.

On this step, you can map the fields from the form to fields in Encharge. You don't need to map each field, but the email address is required in order to identify the person.

By default, the "Track this form on all pages " switch is turned on. If you turn this off, Encharge will track this form only on this specific page.

Once you're done with the mapping, click Save. You can later re-map the fields by clicking on the form.

To delete a tracked form, click on the form and then the Delete red button.

Unsupported forms

Please note that the following form types are not supported for form tracking:

  • Some JavaScript-generated forms that show in pop-ups or sliders, as well as some multi-step forms.
  • Forms in Iframes.
  • Forms using Ajax to submit the request.
  • Forms behind login gate (i.e., private forms that require login details.)

The following are indications of an unsupported form: 

  • If the form page is not showing when you submit the form.
  • You've set up the form, but submissions are not coming through.

In those cases, we recommend using one of the alternative methods of form submission:

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