Track Your Email Links with UTM Tags

UTM parameters are additional link parameters that allow you to track the performance of your marketing campaigns across different channels. 

Encharge can automatically generate and append your email links with UTM tags. This feature works for all of your emails, including both emails in Flows and Broadcasts. 

To enable UTM tracking go to your  Settings →  General (under the Emails section) or click this link: Then, turn the switch on the "Automatic UTM Tagging" option:

No additional setup is required.

How are automatic UTM links generated?

Automatically tags all links in your emails as follows:

  • utm_source is who sent the email. It will be set to "encharge".
  • utm_medium is the marketing channel used, which will be set to “email.”
  • utm_campaign is the name of the marketing campaign. It is set to the name of the Flow or Broadcast that sent the email.
  • utm_content is set to the subject of your email.
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