Verify Your Email Address and Domain Name

Encharge requires that you verify your email address or email in order to send emails. You can send emails from multiple email addresses as long as you verify each one of them.

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Verify your email address

Upon signing up for Encharge, you will receive a verification email from [email protected] with the subject line: "Action Required: Verify your email to use Encharge".  If you're not seeing this email, please check your Promotions tab and your Spam folder.

Click on the link in the email to verify your email address. You will be taken back to your Encharge account on the Email Settings page and your email address will show up as Verified. Note that you need to be logged in to see that page.

Now you can send emails from that email address.

Also, now you can choose this email address when composing an email in the Email builders:

If you're experiencing issues with receiving the verification email please remove the email address from the Email Settings page and add it manually by following the process below.

Note that you can verify an email address only with one account. Therefore you won't receive the verification email or be able to verify the same email address if you have already verified it with a different account.

Verify additional email addresses

If you'd like to send emails from a different email address than the one you signed up with, you can do that by adding and verifying additional addresses manually. You can add up to five email addresses in your account. To send from more than five email addresses please verify your Domain as explained in this article.

To verify an email address go to your Email Settings page and click on the blue circle at the bottom Select "Verify Email". Enter your email address and click on the Verify button:

Encharge will send a verification email to the email address and add the email address to your Email Settings page with a Pending status.

Click on the verification link in the email. You will be taken back to your Encharge account on the Email Settings page and your email address will show up as verified. Note that you need to be logged in to see that page.

Now you can send emails from that email address and select it as a "From email" when building emails in the Email Builders.

Add email addresses from the Email Builders

To make things easy for you, Encharge allows you to add new email addresses directly from the Email Builders. To do that simply start creating a new email in the Simple email builder or the Drag and drop email builder. In the "From email" field enter the new email address. Encharge will prompt you to create that email address:

Once you click on Create you will receive a verification email to verify that email address as regularly.

Re-send the verification email

If you haven't received the verification email you can resend it to yourself. To do that go to the Email Settings page, hover on the email address, and click the "Re-send verification email" button:

Delete email address

To delete an email address go to the Email Settings page, hover on the email address, and click on the X button on the far right. This will delete and un-verify the email address from your account.

Verify your Email Domain

Encharge does not require you to add (verify) a domain name. You can simply verify a single email address (or multiple email addresses), as explained in the previous section. However, note that there's one exception to this — if your domain has DMARC set up, then you must verify your domain (verifying an email address will not be sufficient in this case).

There are 5 significant benefits to adding and verifying your email domain in Encharge. Also, it's free!

  • Remove the "via" notice.
  • Authenticate your email domain with Encharge.
  • Save time verifying email addresses separately.
  • Remove the 5 email addresses limit. 
  • Domain verification is required if your email domain has DMARC. If your email address shows as verified, but you are still unable to send emails, then most likely it means that your domain name has DMARC and you must verify your domain name.

Remove the "via" notice

By default emails sent from Encharge will have the "via" string next to your email address.

This is not a deal-breaker for most of us, but if you want to have completely white-labeled emails, you can remove that notice by adding an email domain. That way, people will not be able to see the service you use to send emails.

Authenticate your email domain with Encharge

By adding your email domain to Encharge you're authorizing your domain to send emails from Encharge. This would drastically improve email deliverability and prevent your emails from getting in Spam. 

Also, note that some email domains do not allow unauthorized email sending. In those cases, authenticating your email domain is not optional but required in order to send emails from Encharge.

Save time verifying email addresses separately

Verifying a domain name would allow you to send emails from all email addresses under that domain name without having to verify each address separately. This is especially handy if multiple people use your account. 

Once you've verified your domain you can simply add new email addresses from the Email editors without going to the Email Settings page. The limit of five email addresses will be removed and you can send from as many addresses as you like as long as the addresses are on the verified domain name.

Add an Email Domain

Go to the Domain Verification page by clicking on the Settings icon at the top right and selecting Domain Verification.

Click on the blue plus (+) button on the bottom left. Enter your domain name in the format

Click on the Add button. You will be taken to a page with the DNS records that you need to add to your DNS host.

You might need to forward the information to someone on your technical team to set this up for you. If your domain name is "", DNS hostnames look like . Depending on your DNS host, you might need to omit "" from the hostname. Once you set the DNS records in your DNS host, click on Verify. If successful, the status will change to Verified:

Important Note: Encharge takes care of the SPF records when you verify a domain name with us.

Add DNS records in Cloudflare

In your Cloudflare account:

1. Go to the DNS tab
2. Click the "Add record" button
3. Select the "Type" to be CNAME or TXT according to the record you are adding.
4. Paste the Hostname from Encharge in the "Name" field.
5. Paste the Destination from Encharge in the "Target" field.
6. Disable proxy by clicking on the orange cloud.
7. Click the Save button

Repeat steps 2 to 7 for each DNS record from Encharge.

Common questions

Why are my DNS records pending?

DNS records are pretty fast nowadays, but sometimes they can take a few hours to resolve. To check if your DNS records are resolved, you can use this tool.

Also, see the question below to make sure your DNS host didn't append the domain after the hostname.

I'm using GoDaddy. Why is my domain is not verifying?

GoDaddy and some other hosts append the domain name after the hostname. For example, if your domain is "", the hostname would become "". 

To fix this, remove your domain name from the hostname you paste in GoDaddy: in the above example, you'd type "smtp" in the Name field in GoDaddy.

Are there any additional costs to verifying a domain name?

No. Email domain verification is free.

If I add an email domain, will emails be sent from my own server?

No. Email sending and deliverability will still be handled through the Encharge servers. You're only authenticating your domain and improving the deliverability of your emails.

Can I verify and use the same email address in more than one account or sub-account?


Can I verify the same domain name in more than one account?

No. Email domains can only be verified on a single account.

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