I see a bunch of anonymous people. Where are my users?

If you're seeing anonymous people in your account, it most likely means that you have installed the Encharge website tracking script on your website or you're using Segment to track page visits. 

Our site tracking feature tracks all activity on your website, including that of anonymous users. Each user (including anonymous users) receives a unique ID in Encharge that allows us to identify them. Once we receive the email address of the person we merge the anonymous user and their activity with that email. The "All People" group (selected by default) on the People page shows all people, including anonymous ones, that's why you're seeing anonymous users.

To see your identified users you can click on the pre-made segment "Subscribers" or create a new segment of people that has the condition "Field Email is Not empty". 

Alternatively, you can hide anonymous people in your account. Go to the People's page and click on the filter icon at the right. Then select "Hide anonymous people".You might need to refresh the browser window for changes to take effect. This feature hides anonymous people from all segments and from the "Activity Stream" in the Dashboard. Note that anonymous people can still enter Flows and are counted in step metrics ("Were here" / "Are here").

Learn more about anonymous and identified people.

Do you count anonymous people toward my billing plan?

No, unless they enter a flow. We only count identified people (people with email addresses or userId) and anonymous people who enter a flow towards the total number of contacts in your account. To see how many subscribers you currently have click on your profile picture and go to Plan and Billing:

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