How do I put people in parallel paths in the Flow builder?

If you're coming from a marketing automation tool like ActiveCampaign, Drip, Mailerlite, Gist,, or Vero you might be used to creating flows with a one-directional flow builder. 

To add a new step in these flow builders you click a button in the flow and select the action or the filter. To separate a flow, these tools usually ask you to add an additional step called a "parallel step" or something similar. 

Encharge works differently from that. 

Our Flow builder works with a flexible drag and drop interface. You simply drag a step onto the canvas area and connect it to however many steps you like in whichever direction you prefer. So naturally, there's no need for a "parallel step", you simply link the step to two or more other steps.

To see this in practice check the video below:

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