How to Set Your Mailing Address

Per the CAN-SPAM Act, all businesses are required to add their physical mailing address to all marketing emails they send. Note that transactional emails do not require a mailing address.

To do that please follow the instructions below:

1. Enter your mailing address

Go to your account settings — and click on the current address (e.g. "Not set") in the "Mailing Address" section.

You will be prompted with a pop-up to enter your company's physical mailing address. For instance: 

123 Main St. 
New York, 38310

Click Save.

2. Add your mailing address to your emails

Use the merge tag {{account.mailingAddress}} to add your physical mailing address to your emails. You can also use {{account.mailingAddressSingleLine}} to insert the mailing address as a single line.

Note that this merge tag is included in your footer by default.

If the email lacks your mailing address you will be prompted with the following email issue:

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