How to integrate Encharge with

This guide outlines how to create an integration between via their API Connector, and Encharge. The result of this integration is to create a Bubble action that Creates Contacts in Encharge.

Step 1

Install the API Connector plugin in Bubble

Step 2

In the Bubble API Connector plugin, click Add/Create API. In my case, I've given this the name " Encharge"

Step 3

By default, one API Call will be created when a new API is added. Rename this " Create Contact" or similar. You'll need to click expand to be able to make changes to this API Call.

Step 4

Make the following changes to the Default API Call settings that are displayed:

  1. Change Use as Data > Use as Action
  2. Change GET > To POST
  3. In the Input to the right of POST, add this URL:
  4. Click Add header twice, so two sets of header inputs appear. Adjust these to the below:

Note: To the right of the X-Encharge-Token field, the Value is your Encharge API key which can be found in your account here:

Step 5

In the Body field, paste the following:


"email": <email>,
"firstName": <firstName>,
"lastName": <lastName>


Note: This is for a basic integration which only collects the users Email, First Name, and Last Name. You can add more fields if needed, including Custom Fields in Encharge.

Step 6

You'll notice below the Body input field, a number of new input fields appear with a Key and Value.

Add some test data to the Values (see below example), and ensure you are using the correct quotations "".

Step 7

Double-check your settings, and click Initialize Call. If successful, you will see a popup similar to this. Click Save

You can now use this call as an Action in Bubble, which can be used in workflows to Create Contacts in Encharge.

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