Import and Map Tags from Another Tool

If you'd like to import tags from another email provider like Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign, you can do so by mapping the tags column in the CSV/Excel file to the Tags field in Encharge. 

Follow the steps below.

1. Ensure that the file contains the tags

Ensure that your CSV or Excel file contains a column with the tags. If a person has more than one tag, the tags have to comma separate like in the example below. For instance "intercom-lead, tag from import 1, tag-from-import-2" will tag a person with three tags. Encharge supports letters, numbers, spaces, dashes, and underscores in tags.

2. Map the tags from the import file to the Tags field in Encharge

When importing your people in Encharge you have to map the tags column from your CSV/Excel files to the default Tags field in Encharge.

On the first step of the import – Upload, ensure that the tag row is showing correctly:

Then, on the second step "2. Map Fields" map the tags column to the Tag field in Encharge like this:

The third step "3. Tag" allows you to add additional tags if you like.

Finally, Confirm the import. If you want to update existing people with the new tags ensure that the "Update" option is selected.

3. Review your tags

Finally, ensure that your tags have been applied successfully. To do that first check if the import was successful by going to the Imports page -

Then, check one of the imported people's profiles by going to the People's page and searching their email. You should see the tags applied like in the example screen below. 

If a tag already exists, Encharge will apply it. If one or more tags don't exist yet, Encharge will automatically create them as a part of the import. 

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