Non Editable Default Fields

In Encharge there are a number of default people fields that can not be edited. You can't edit, map, or change these fields in the platform. Note that, however, you can still update these fields through the API.

These fields are automatically populated/updated by the platform (like Id) or the website tracking if installed (like Referrer, Landing page, Device Type, etc.)

The following fields are non-editable:

  • Id
  • Date created
  • Updated At
  • Last activity
  • Encharge Anonymous ID
  • Anonymous ID (if is connected)
  • Timezone
  • Referrer
  • Device
  • Device Type
  • Browser
  • Platform
  • IP
  • Landing Page
  • First UTM Campaign
  • First UTM Content
  • First UTM Term
  • First UTM Medium
  • First UTM Source
  • UTM Campaign
  • UTM Content
  • UTM Term
  • UTM Medium
  • UTM Source
  • First Referrer
  • Email Validation Confidence
  • Role Email
  • Disposable Email

Below restrictions apply for these fields:

  • You can't edit them in a person's profile, the fields will be grayed out. 
  • The fields will not show when you try to map them in a file import or app settings. 
  • You won't be able to see them in the Change Field action step.

If you want to be able to edit or map any of these fields, please create a separate custom field. For example, if you want to keep track of IPs manually create a new custom field named "IP - custom" or similar. Note that if you install Site Tracking on your website the default fields could become populated if that person is identified.

Update non-editable default fields with the API

You can still update the fields above using the API. To do that use the code below, where "timezone" is an example field.

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'content-type: application/json' \
--header 'X-Encharge-Token: your-write-key' \
--data-raw '{
"name": "Registered user",
"user": {
"email": "[email protected]",
"timezone": "Europe/London"

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