Use a Custom Font in Your Emails

Encharge enables you to add and use a custom Google font in your emails.

How to add a custom font from Google Fonts

Scroll down for a video guide.

To add a custom font from Google Fonts go to your email settings page at and click on the blue plus sign at the bottom left. Then, select "Add Email Font"

In the drawer, enter the name of the font, for example, "Pattaya". This is how the Font will be displayed in the email builder in Encharge.

Then go to Google Fonts search for the font you want to use, and click on it. On the font page, click on one or more "+ Select this style" buttons. Choose only the styles you want to use in your email.

Once you click that button, a drawer will be open in Google Fonts:

If the drawer doesn't open, then click on this icon: 

From that drawer, copy the value after the font-family: part under the "CSS rules to specify families" field.

For example, 'Pattaya', sans-serif

Then, paste that value in the "Font Family" field in Encharge:

Next, copy the URL after the second href. For example,

and paste it in the URL field in Encharge:

Last, click on the Add button to add your custom font.

That's it! You can now use your font in the drag and drop email builder of Encharge.

To do that, open an email in the drag and drop builder, select a text or headline block and change the font to the newly added custom font:

Video guide

Support for custom fonts across email clients

Note that, the support of custom web fonts in email clients it's very limited. Only Apple Mail, Outlook for Mac, and iOs currently have full support for custom fonts. Email testing tool Litmus recommends taking a look at your subscriber base to see how many are viewing your emails in an email client that supports web fonts. 

Source: Litmus

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