Connecting Twilio and Encharge

Connecting Twilio to Encharge is easy. Log into your Encharge account and follow the steps below:

1. Go to your Apps Page -

2. Click on the Twilio icon. You will be asked to enter two fields: Account SID and AuthToken:

3. Log into your Twilio account and go to the Console page -

You will find your Account SID and AuthToken under the "Project Info" section:

4. Copy and paste the Account SID and AuthToken in Encharge. Then, click Save.

5. Next, Encharge will ask you for a default country code. When a phone number doesn't have a country code (for example, +1), Encharge will apply this country code. Note that Encharge takes the default "Phone" field from people profiles.

6. Once done click on Save. That's it! You've connected Twilio and Encharge. If the integration is successful, you will see this success message on the "Allow access" tab of the integration:

Note that for Encharge to work you must have an SMS-enabled phone number in Twilio, as well as your credit card details on file in your Twilio account. You can read a comprehensive guide on how to set up this in Twilio on the Twilio Help Center.

Our Twilio integration supports Messaging Services, which would allow the sending of Short Codes, Alphanumeric Sender ID, and other powerful features that Messaging Services support.

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