Getting Started Resources

A list of guides, videos, and articles to help you get started

Watch the getting started videos

Encharge Quick Overview (6 min.)

Encharge Introduction Deep Dive (47 min)

Read the Quick Start guide

The Quick Start guide is a series of articles to help you get started with Encharge in the quickest possible way.

Book a personal demo call

This is a consultation call to help you with your marketing automation strategy and any other challenges you may have.

Join our Facebook community

Join our Facebook group

Read and subscribe to our blog

A wealth of information on marketing automation and growth is a click away from you. Make sure to check out our blog — and subscribe to it.

Check our Developer Docs

Encharge provides several tools for developers to connect their app, use our Transactional Email API, and more.

Need more help?

Feel free to check out our Knowledge Base or Contact us via email, or Slack.
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