Email Throttling (Delayed Email Sending) for New Accounts

All new Encharge accounts go through a process called "email throttling" or delayed email sending. The first email you send in your new Encharge account (regardless of how you send the email — through a Flow or a Broadcast) will be sent with an intentional delay. 

Encharge aims to deliver your emails as quickly as possible, however, we are employing email throttling as a means to warm up your email domain, improve your email sending reputation, and your overall deliverability. Sending a blast to a large subscriber list without any prior warm-up could have devastating long-term effects on your email reputation and deliverability. That's why we delay email sending. 

How long will my first email take to send?

This depends on the number of recipients of the email. The larger your sending list, the longer it will take. That's why we recommend that you start with small batches of 50, 100, 200, 1000 contacts, and so on. You can read more about the best practices for email warm-up in this help article. Note that if you are sending to a large list of 1,000+ contacts it could take several hours until your email is sent completely. 

Do you throttle my first email only?

The throttling/warm-up process works on an account level. Meaning that it's possible to experience delays with your first few email sents, depending on how many subscribers you have sent to in the past.

I have a time-sensitive campaign and I need my email sent now

We do not recommend using new accounts for time-sensitive campaigns, especially for a large audience. If you plan to send a time-sensitive campaign please ensure you have warmed up your account in advance. Alternatively, you would simply have to wait for the throttling process so you can schedule your email a few hours in advance.

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