Create a segment of people who reported your emails as spam

Spam reports can give you an idea of how effective your emails are, and together with this, creating a segment of the people will make it more advantageous. In this article, we will talk about the steps on how you can create a segment of your contacts who reported your emails as spam, but before we jump into it, keep in mind these good-to-know facts regarding spam reports in Encharge.

  •  Unsubscribed people and Spam reports are two different things. Unsubscribed is when a user clicks on unsubscribe or has been unsubscribed due to another reason, while Spam report is when a user reports an email as spam through the email client (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.).
  • Encharge does not have a way to know why a user reported your email as spam and does not have a way to obtain this information because this action is performed within the email client and not in Encharge.

Now, follow the steps below to create a segment of the people who reported any of your emails as spam.

1. Go to the People page and click on the blue plus sign ( + ) at the bottom left.

2. Select Add Segment from the options.

3. Create a name of the segment and assign a color to it.

4. On the next page, set the condition of the segment by clicking on the "+Condtion" button. Select "Field" from the list.

5. Set the first two fields to "Unsubscribe Reason" and "is" and type "User reported email as spam" on the last one.

6. Click Save Segment at the bottom right.

After saving the segment, the people who satisfy the condition you set will be added to the segment and this will give the list of people who reported your emails as spam. 

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