Metrics of Broadcasts

Emails sent via Broadcasts are now separate from that of the Emails page after we release the improvement for the feature. There is also a slight change in how the metrics of the broadcasts are viewed. There are three ways to do this and they are:

1. Check the Metrics tab of the broadcast.

Metrics can be viewed within the broadcast itself. To do this, go to the Broadcasts page, click on the specific broadcast you would like to check the metrics of, and select the Metrics tab. See the screenshots below for reference.

2. A quick view of Metrics on the Broadcast page.

Included in the update that we released for Broadcasts is a quick view of the metrics of each broadcast you sent which is shown together with the Broadcasts' name, status, sending time, creation date, A/B Testing status, and the folder they belong to. 

3. Check the Metrics page.

A detailed email metrics can also be generated on the Metrics page. Simply go to Metrics and search for the email that you sent via Broadcasts as shown below:

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