Flow Changes

With the Flow Changes/Flow History, you can view a list of all changes made to your flows. 

Often, people ask questions like: "Why hasn't this person moved down the flow?" and often, the answer to that takes a few hours to figure out. Now, with the Flow Changes, you can easily discover how your flows were altered and get answers with just a few clicks.

How to open Flow Changes panel?

You can access Flow Changes in any Encharge flow by clicking the menu button at the bottom right of the page, then "Flow changes" from the selection.

The sidebar popup gives you a list of all of the changes performed by any user to your flow. You can see the date and time of the event and what steps were changed.

Please note that this is a new feature (released September 2022) and for that reason, data prior to the release will be incomplete, thus limited to the steps and links between them. Aside from the date and time, changes performed after September 2022 will also have the option to see what values were set or changed for each step. All you have to do is click on the Details button, and the step will expand, showing you all affected fields.

See changes for a specific step only

It is easier for users with big flows to locate and check changes performed in a single step. This can be done by clicking the Filter button (filter icon next to the details button). This saves time spent scrolling through the main Flow Changes page to check for change logs of a step.

After clicking it, you will be shown the list of all the modifications done to the specific step you're viewing.

To go back to seeing all Flow Changes, simply click any of the Filter buttons again or the close (x) button at the top right.

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