Notes and Annotation

Annotate and include your personal notes in your flows. Add a remark about your flows, a reminder of what your flow is built for, or keep abreast of actions that you need to do in the future with Note and Annotation in Flows.

Adding notes to your flows

The Note and Annotation icons can be found under the Notes section at the bottom of the flow builder's sidebar.  

You can add notes and annotations by dragging and dropping them into your flow just like any other flow step.

After adding Notes and Annotations, click them to start typing your notes/annotations, and keep in mind the following:

  • Notes have a background. They are intended to be used for longer notes that you'd like to add to your flows.
  • Annotations do not have a background and are the better choice for adding headlines or smaller texts to flows.
  • Emojis are supported by both Notes and Annotations. Hover your cursor on top of Notes and Annotations and the emojis menu button will appear on the right just below the Delete button. Clicking it will show you the list of emojis that you can add.
  • Notes do not auto-resize when typing. The font size of the text will automatically adjust to fit the box.
  • Annotations automatically change their length when you're typing longer texts that will not fit the default size.
  • Both Notes and Annotations can be adjusted manually by dragging the corners.
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