Step 6: Create Your First Flow

Flows is the word we use in Encharge to describe the path that a Person goes through when they enter Encharge. You can use flows to create powerful marketing automation campaigns, send automated emails, and automate repetitive tasks.
To create your first Flow go to the Flows page and click the Add button on the bottom left:

In the Drawer, you will be asked to select one of our pre-defined best-practice flow templates or Start blank.

Select on Start blank to start with an empty flow.

The Flow Builder

You're now into the Flow Builder.

You create Flows in Encharge using a powerful drag-and-drop builder by dropping and connecting Steps on to an area called the Canvas:

Flow Steps

Flows consist of Steps. There are 3 types of Steps in Encharge:
  • Triggers – Triggers start flows. People enter flows through Triggers.
  • Actions – Actions do different marketing automation things, like Sending an email.
  • Filters – Filters filter people into different buckets or swimming lanes based on specific conditions. For example, Send an email if Person has a value of $100 OR add to a Facebook audience if the Person has a value of $500.

Your First Flow

Let's create your first flow
Let's create a super simple Flow to send an email to all of your contacts.

1. Drop a Time Trigger step on to the Canvas. 

Time Trigger triggers the flow at a specific date and time.

2. Click on the Time Trigger Step to set it up.

Select a people's segment to trigger with the Time Trigger step. We're going to select All people — this is a pre-defined option that targets your whole audience. We're also going to select when to trigger this step.

3. Connect the Time Trigger with a Send Email Action Step.

4. We're going to create a new email to attach to the Send Email Step. 

Once you click "Save and close" the email will be attached to the step.

5. Click on the activation switch at the bottom of the flow builder to activate your flow.

This will send the email to All people in your audience at 2 p.m tomorrow. Also, make sure to give your flow a name.

That's it! Congratulations on creating your first flow.

In the next guide of the Quick Start series, we're going to show you how to create emails.

Quick Start Checklist

From logging in Encharge to activating your first automation flow, we've compiled a list of your first action items.
Step 1: Sign up or log into Encharge

Step 2: Set Up Your Mailing Address

Step 3: Learn how to navigate Encharge
Step 4: Import people
Step 5: Connect your apps
Step 6: Create your first flow
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