Object Association


Associating Objects with one another is highly beneficial to keep your data organized. For example, if your business manages a lot of organizations with multiple users you can create Company Objects representing the organizations and associate their users (People in Encharge) with their respective Companies.

Before you can create an Object association you'll first need to have an Object created.

Create Association

To create an Object Association go to your Encharge account and navigate to  People Object. In this instance we'll be using the Company Object as an example.

From the list of Companies (Objects) select the one you want to create an association. Once opened, you'll see an Action bar with a few options: Click on Associate with other objects

A pop-up wizard will appear that will navigate you through Associations. On the left side you'll see all available Companies and on the right side the possible Association Types. 

People <> Company associations are already pre-defined, but you can create and use additional associations.

Lastly, select the Person you want to associate with this Company and click Associate.

View Object Associations

You can see existing associations when you navigate to the specific Object. In this instance we created an association Person <> Company.

On that page you can also see what other Association Types are available. In this instance, available types are Payment Accounts and Invoices.

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