How to send user events to Encharge?

Events are user actions that happen inside your app. Every SaaS product works in a different way, so every app has different events. 

In order to use events in Encharge, your developers need to connect your app to Encharge via an API and code each custom event. However, don’t worry about this, as events are easy to code, and they don’t require a ton of development work.

Here’s an email you can send to your developers to inform them of what is required from them, so they can start researching the process of connecting your app with Encharge.

Hey John,

We are going to work with a marketing automation platform called Encharge to send our behavior-based emails. We will send out emails based on what users do (or don’t do in our app). In order for us to be able to do this, we need to connect our app with Encharge and code the events.

Below I’m sending the API documentation of Encharge.

Please take a look and start planning the implementation. I’m going to follow up soon with the specific events we need.

Thank you!

Ways of sending events to Encharge

If you look at our API documentation, you will see that there are three ways to send data (events) to Encharge: 

  • Ingest API
  • JavaScript tracking
  • integration

They all have their technical drawbacks and advantages, but regardless of each one your developers choose, the way you work in Encharge with events will not change for you.

To use or not to use Segment? is a data-piping tool that allows you to send events to different marketing and sales tools without the need to code for each tool’s API separately.

If your company is already using Segment and events are set up there, we recommend that you use Segment. This will expedite your campaign, as you don’t have to wait for developers.

If you are not using Segment yet, we recommend that you connect directly to Encharge by using our API. It’s easy to use, and it doesn’t have any additional costs. 

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