Using event data in emails

As we explained in our overview of events, each event could have one or more properties with values. Properties are additional details about an event. For example, the "Trial expired" event might contain the following properties:

  • Trial start - when the trial has started. A date field. For example, "26 Nov 2023"
  • Trial end - when the trial will end. A date field. For example, "10 Dec 2023"
  • MRR - monthly recurring revenue from the user. A number field. For example, "100"

You can use the values of event properties in emails in order to personalize the email and include important information relevant to the person. Let's say you want to include the trial end date of the user in your welcome email. To do that, you have to use an event merge tag. 

Event merge tags work like any other type of merge tag. Open an email to edit or create a new email, then select the "Merge tags" button:

Then select Events from the Object dropdown:

Under Event, you will see a list of all of the events in your Encharge account. Select "Trial expired". In case the user can receive the event more than once, you can also choose which event you want to include in the email — the first received or the last received. Then select the field (i.e., the property of the event) - "Trial end" in our case. 

Then, select the default value. In case the event doesn't have a property or value for the property, this value will be inserted. 

Lastly, click on "Select" button and the event merge tag will be inserted in the email:

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