How Flows Work?

You create Flows in Encharge using a powerful drag-and-drop Flow builder by dragging, dropping and connecting Steps on to an area called the Canvas:

All Flows consist of Steps. There are 3 types of Steps in Encharge — Triggers, Actions, and Filters. 

  • Triggers - Triggers start Flows. People enter Flows through Triggers.
  • Actions - Actions do different marketing automation things, like Sending an email.
  • Filters - Filters filter people into different buckets or swimming lanes based on specific conditions. For example, Send an email if Person has a value of $100 OR add to a Facebook audience if the Person has a value of $500.

It's important to remember that for a Flow to work it needs to have at least one Trigger and one Action Step.

Important: For a Flow to work, it must have at least one Trigger and one Action Step.
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