Last Activity

The "Last Activity" field in Encharge is a powerful way to know when was the last time when a person engaged with your company. 

Based on "Last Activity" you can create segments to reach out to people and keep your brand on top of mind.
Below is a list of some of the events that will change the "Last Activity" date.

Email events

  • Email open
  • Email click
  • Email reply (if email reply tracking is turned on)
  • Person unsubscribed from emails
  • Email reported as spam :(


  • Typeform submitted

Other forms

Person submits a form connected to Form Submitted Step
  • Trial started in Stripe
  • Stripe subscription activated
  • Stripe subscription canceled


  • Person subscribes in Mailchimp

  • event received


  • Person created as User/Lead in Intercom


  • Person created as contact in HubSpot
  • Person enters HubSpot Contact Field Match Step

Site tracking events

If the Site tracking snippet is installed on your site.

  • Page visited
  • Form submitted (works with forms on your website)

Encharge API

  • On "identify" and "track" events triggered via the Encharge Javascript API
  • Events received via the Encharge Ingest API
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