Connect HubSpot to Encharge

Connecting HubSpot to Encharge is easy. Log into your Encharge account and open your apps page, then click on the HubSpot logo. This opens the HubSpot authorization dialog.

1. Allow access

Click "Connect" to allow Encharge to access your HubSpot workspace. If you manage multiple HubSpot workspaces, choose the appropriate one. Note that currently you can connect only one HubSpot account to Encharge.

2. Enable Two-Way Sync

The integration gives you the ability to sync two different HubSpot Objects. Contacts and Companies

Please ensure you've familiarized yourself with this article before enabling the sync.


Select which contacts you'd like to see in Encharge. The default setting will have the Integration sync all contacts, but if you have any lists generated in HubSpot, you can choose them instead


All Companies with at least one associated contact will be synced to Encharge by default.

3. Map fields

Don't worry, we got that covered. All default fields are pre-mapped right out of the box. Make sure to map any custom fields if you have any.
Done. When the setup is finished, the initial sync will begin.

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