Organize Your Flows With Folders

If you want to keep yourself more organized, you can manage your Flows with folders.

By defaults Flows have the following tabs to help you sort and filter your Flows:

You can easily see the currently Active or Deactivated flows.

What are folders?

Similar to other types of items in Encharge (like Emails, Broadcasts, and Segments) Flows can be organized into folders. Folders are collections of Flows that you can create to manually group relevant Flows.

Your folders are visible below the default tabs.

Creating a new Flow folder

To add a new folder, click the Add button at the bottom right:

Enter the name of the folder and choose its color.

Folder colors can help you visually distinguish different types of Flows. For instance, you might use purple for Lead Nurturing Flows, green for Customer-related Flows, and red for Flows related to customer cancelations and churn.

Editing or deleting a folder

If you want to change the name or color of an existing folder, you can do so by clicking on the three dots to the right of the folder's name in the sidebar.

You can also delete a folder from that overlay. Note that any Flows currently in the folder will be Archived. You might want to move them out of the folder you plan to delete. Archived items can only be restored by contacting us.

Re-ordering folders

You can arrange your folders however you like using a simple dragging interface. Just hover on the four dots to the left of the folder, click, and re-order:

Moving Flows to a folder

To add an existing Flow to a folder click on the three dots to the left of the Flow name and use Move to Folder:

You get to select the folder you'd like to move the Flow to. You can also search for a folder.

Note that items can only be in one folder at a time. Moving a Flow from one folder to another will remove the Flow from its original folder.

To check which folder a Flow belongs to, look at the Flows list table:

Creating new Flows in a folder

By default, newly created Flows are not added to a folder. However, if you're inside a folder while creating a new Flow, the Flow will be automatically added to the folder that you're currently looking at.

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