Export People

Encharge allows you to export all of the people in your account or a specific segment of people.

Export all people

Go to your People page. Make sure that the "All people" is selected and click on the Export All button, then click Confirm. 

Once you hover on the Export button you will see the total number of people that will be included in the export file.

You will receive an email from Encharge Support <[email protected]> when your export is ready. Note that the time for receiving this email could be longer if you're exporting a large volume of people.

You will receive a CSV file with all of the people's fields. Note that anonymous people would also be included in the export. Also, note that no user activity is included in the export file.

Export a specific segment of people

You can export a segment of people, rather than all of the people in your account. Simply select the segment you'd like to export and follow the same process.

Export selected people

You can narrow down your selection even further. Select the person or people you'd like to export by clicking on the checkbox to the far left of the people's table.

You can also select all currently visible people by clicking the top-left checkbox. Note that by default only 100 people are visible. You can use the continuous scroll on the People's table to reveal more.

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