Would Imported People Get in My Flows?

This depends on a couple of things:

  • The trigger(s) of the Flows.
  • The time of the import – do you import people before or after the Flow is activated.

The most common triggers that would get Imported people into a Flow are the Entered Segment Trigger Step and the Tag Added Trigger Step. Make sure to check your flows for these steps before importing any people.

If you want your imported people to enter a Flow

In that case, you have two options.

  • You want to activate the Flow before you import the contacts. The Flow should have Tag Added or Entered Segment trigger step(s). That way if you Tag the contacts during the import they could enter the Flow through the Tag Added Trigger Step, or if they meet the conditions for the segment, they could enter the Flow through the Entered Segment Trigger Step.
  • Alternatively, you can first import your contacts and then activate the Flow. In that case, you would want to use the Entered Segment Trigger Step with the option for people "Who are currently in this segment, and who enter this segment in the future." turned on (screenshot below). That way, all people that are currently in the segment (i.e., the people that you recently imported) and future people who meet the conditions of the segment would enter the Flow.

If you DON'T want your imported people to enter a Flow

If you want to prevent imported people from entering your Flows, make sure any Flows with Entered Segment Trigger Step or Tag Added Trigger Step are deactivated before importing any people. Then, ensure all people are imported successfully before activating them back.

Also, ensure that any Entered Segment Trigger Steps are configured to Include people "Who enter this segment in the future." (the default option for the Entered Segment step)

That way, any imported people who enter the segment would not trigger the step while the Flow is deactivated. Once you activate the Flow back again, these people would not enter the step since they are already in the segment.

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