Create a Segment

Go to your People's page. Click on the blue plus button in the bottom left of the page and select "Add Segment":

You will be asked to enter the name of the Segment and choose its color. Colors help you distinguish the different Segments in your account. For instance, you can use green for engaged users and red for unsubscribers. 

On the next screen, you'd be asked to choose the Conditions that define the segment. Remember that segments are groups of people that share the same Conditions.

To add a new Condition click on the blue "+ Condition" button and select the Condition. For instance, people that have visited more than 3 pages on your website:

Once you're done with choosing the Conditions for the Segment, click on on the "Save Segment" button at the bottom right. Alternatively, you can click on Cancel to remove the segment before it's created. 

Note that we currently don't support a preview of the people in the Segment, so you must save the Segment in order to see how many people are in it. 

Once you click on "Save Segment" you will see the list of people that meet the criteria of your Segment. 

You can see the number of people that are currently in the Segment in the top right. Note that depending on your Conditions, your Segment could also include anonymous people. Below that number is a small preview of the Conditions.

That's it! You just created your first Segment. 

You can always review and edit the Conditions of the Segment by clicking on the big "Show Conditions" button next to the name of the Segment.

Edit or Delete a Segment

To edit or delete a Segment click on the three dots next to the Segment's name in the sidebar. Deleting the segment will not delete the people in it, it only deletes the segment and its conditions.

Important Notes:

- Editing or deleting a segment that is used in an Activated Flow can lead to unwanted consequences. We highly encourage you to deactivate these Flows before editing or deleting a Segment. Encharge will detect if a Segment is being used and warn you when you try to do this.

- When you delete a segment, you won't be able to see it anymore on the broadcast itself, but the metrics will still be visible.

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