Organize Your Segments With Folders

If you want to keep yourself more organized, you can manage your Segments with folders.

By default, the "All People" tab is selected. Underneath you can see the list of all of the default pre-defined segments that come with your account.

What are folders?

Similar to other types of units in Encharge (like Emails, Broadcasts, and Flows) Segments can be organized into folders. Folders are collections of Segments that you can create to manually organize relevant Flows.

Segment groups are displayed as togglable groups that you can expand and collapse.

Creating a new Segment folder

To add a new folder, click the Add button at the bottom right and select "Add Folder":

Enter the name of the folder:

The new folder will show as a draggable item in the sidebar. Then, simply drag and drop the Segment(s) that you'd like to move to that folder:

Editing or deleting a folder

To edit or delete a folder, click on the three dots on the right of the folder. Note that deleting a folder will remove any Segments currently in that folder.

Re-ordering Segments and folders

You can arrange your segments and folders however you like using a simple dragging interface. Just hover on the four dots to the left of the folder, click, and re-order:

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