How to Use Segments?

Segments are a critical part of marketing automation in Encharge. They are used in Flows and in Broadcasts.

Using Segments in Flows

Trigger a Flow when people enter or leave a Segment

You can use the Entered Segment and Left Segment triggers in the Flow builder to start a flow when a person enters or leaves a specific Segment.

In the scenario below, we're going to send an email when a person enters the "Engaged People" Segment.

And in the next scenario, we're decreasing the Lead Score of every person that leaves the "Engaged People" Segment.

Using the Entered Segment and Left Segment trigger steps is one of the easiest ways to create hyper-targeted marketing automation flows and ensure that you're getting the right people into a Flow.

Personalize your Flows using the Is in Segment Filter Step

You can also use Segments to put people into different paths depending on which Segment they are in.

The Flow below is triggered when a user's trial expires. We're sending a different email depending on whether the user has activated a critical feature or not. If they have activated the feature, we're asking them to upgrade, otherwise, we're sending an email to book a call with us and get help:

The Is in Segment Filter Step allows us to personalize the user journey based on which segment they belong to.

You can also use multiple filter steps to create multiple different paths depending on which segment a person is in:

Using Segments in Broadcasts

Broadcasts in Encharge are one-off newsletters that you send to your whole audience or a Segment of people.

When creating a new Broadcast, the "All People" audience is selected by default. 

However, you can use one of your Segments as an audience for that Broadcast. That way you can send more relevant, personalized Broadcasts.

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