How to Create a Segment With Identified Users?

If you have installed the JavaScript Site Tracking on your website you're probably seeing anonymous people in your account. The "All People" tab on the People's page displays all people including anonymous ones. You might be wondering how to see a Segment of the identified people only (i.e., the ones with emails). Read this article for an easy solution.

The "Subscribers" pre-defined Segment

Your Encharge account comes with five pre-defined Segments: Subscribers, Unsubscribed, Need some love, Engaged, and New. 

The easiest way to view identified people in your account is by going to the Subscribers Segment. The Subscribers Segment will show all people in your account that have an email address and haven't unsubscribed from your emails. 

Create your Segment

Of course, you can always create a custom Segment that includes all identified people. To do that, use the condition below:

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