Account Verification

Update Jul 2021: We no longer verify accounts manually. We have an automated algorithm that automatically approves email sending. The only time we have to approve an account is if they have bad metrics - spam reports, bounces, upload a large number of invalid suspicious emails, etc. For that reason, we still highly encourage you to follow the practices in this post.

All new Encharge accounts are manually verified by our team to ensure they are not sending spam, phishing, or cold emails. This helps protect our customers and sustain first-class deliverability across all accounts.

Тhe initial verification process takes up to 24 hours but usually much faster. Note that we don't send email notifications for successful verification. 

What does the verification process involve?

Our team manually reviews your account and the data that you've entered during the signup process – your email, name, company name, etc. We also review any people (contacts) currently uploaded to your account, as well as the content of your emails.

What happens if I send an email from a non-verified account?

Your email sending will be paused when you send your first email and you will receive an email notification that your account is being reviewed.

There's nothing to worry about at this point. Once we review and verify your account your email sending will resume as regularly. 

How to make sure my account gets verified fast?

We recommend that you use your work email address. Complete your profile in full with your real name and company information, and avoid uploading any unsolicited or spam email addresses.

It has been more than 24 hours and my first email has not resumed sending yet

This most likely means that your account has not been verified. There a few common reasons why an account does not get verified in Encharge:

You're using a fake or temporary email address.
This is a big red flag for us, as most spammers tend to use temporary email addresses for phishing and scamming purposes.

You haven't completed your company data or you entered fake information.
Make sure you use your real company data.

You have created low-quality email content. 
Overly salesy and spammy-looking emails will prevent us from verifying your account.

You have uploaded a list of suspiciously-looking contacts.
Adding a list of personal email addresses (Yahoo, Gmail, etc.), email addresses containing common spamming patterns, and contacts without names, would decrease the chance of your account getting verified.

Below is an example contact list that we consider highly suspicious:

Will I receive a notification once my account gets verified?

We don't send notifications for account verification. However, if your account has not been verified in 48 hours, it most likely means that we decided not to verify your account. If you think this is a mistake, please contact us.

My account didn't get verified by mistake

If you believe that your account has not been verified by mistake, please contact us and we'll work together to solve your issue.

My email sending has been paused

Apart from the initial account verification process, Encharge monitors email sending on an ongoing basis. To prevent abuse, we may pause or suspend certain accounts. 

The most common reasons your email sending has been paused are:

  • High bounce rate.
  • High spam rate.
  • Low engagement (opens, clicks).
  • Low-quality email content.
  • Lack of unsubscribe links in marketing emails.

If your email sending gets paused you will receive an email from us explaining the possible reasons. Our team will work with you to improve your email sending practices.

Is account verification the same as email verification?


Email verification – Upon signing up for Encharge you will receive a verification email asking you to click on a link to verify your email address. This is required to ensure that you own the email address that you're going to send emails from, and you're not using a disposable email address.

Account verification – The account verification process is a separate process that the Encharge team performs manually and doesn't require any input on your side.

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