Navigating the Broadcasts Page

The Broadcasts page is where all of your Broadcasts live.

The sidebar contains a handy tab that shows all of your Broadcasts and your Broadcast Folders.

The main section includes a list of the Broadcasts with their names, status (Draft, Scheduled, Sent), quick-view Metrics (Delivered, Open Rate, Click Rate), sending time, creation date, A/B testing status, and the folder it belongs to.

For sent Broadcasts, the sending date is a date in the past, while Scheduled broadcasts are set for a date in the future.

Edit, duplicate, and archive a Broadcast

You can edit, duplicate, and archive Broadcasts by clicking on the three dots next to the Broadcast name. You can also move a Broadcast to a folder from this menu.

Note that archived broadcasts can only be manually restored by the Encharge team. If you'd like to restore an archived broadcast, please contact us.

Create a new Broadcast

To create a new Broadcast, use the blue plus (+) circle at the bottom left and select Add Broadcast. Learn more about creating a new Broadcast from the article on the topic.

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