Create a New Broadcast

Note that you need to verify your email address before you can send a broadcast. 

To create a new Broadcast, go to the Broadcasts page, click on the blue plus (+) button at the bottom left, and select "Add Broadcast".

Enter the name of the Broadcast in the pop-up field and click on Confirm. Note that you can rename the Broadcast in the future.

Creating a Broadcast consists of four steps:

  1. Audience – Selecting the audience of the Broadcast.
  2. Email – Selecting the Email of the Broadcast.
  3. A/B Test – A/B testing the Broadcast (optional)
  4. Review – Reviewing and sending the Broadcast.

1. Audience

The first step of creating a Broadcast is to select its audience – the people that will receive the email. 

You can select All People or people that are currently in one of your Segments.

Once you're done selecting your audience, click on "Continue to Email".

2. Email

There are 3 options available for you to choose from. You can either create a brand new email using the Drag-and-Drop editor or the Simple editor or start off by using one of your existing email templates from the Emails page. When choosing the latter, a copy of the email will be created and its name will be set to the name of the Broadcast. It will belong solely to this specific broadcast and changes will not affect the original and vice-versa.

3. A/B Testing

In this step, you can test up to 4 different variations of your main email. It can be very helpful to test different subject lines or even different opening lines. You also have the ability to try totally different emails. If you go with that option, you'll be given the same choice as Step 2 to create the variation emails.

4. Review

The last step is reviewing and sending your Broadcast.

In this step, you get to select the time of the Broadcast. You can send it instantly or schedule it for a time in the future.

To send the broadcast in the future click on "Schedule broadcast for later" and select a date by clicking on the calendar field. Once you're done selecting the date, make sure to click Save.

Note that by default Broadcasts are scheduled in your current local time zone (the time zone of the computer you are using Encharge with). You can turn on the "Send in contacts' timezone" switch. This feature will use the contact’s timezone to send the email. People with an unknown timezone will receive the email in your account's timezone.

Once you're done with reviewing your broadcast click on "Send Broadcast" (if you're sending the broadcast now) or "Schedule Broadcast" (if you're scheduling the broadcast for later).

Scheduled Broadcasts

Once you schedule a Broadcast its status will change from Draft to Scheduled and will display the scheduled time on the Review step:

You can always make changes to a Scheduled Broadcast before its sending time. You can change the Audience or the Email. 

You can also cancel a scheduled broadcast by clicking on the Cancel Broadcast button at the bottom right:

A canceled broadcast will show with the "Canceled" status.

Sent Broadcasts

Once a Broadcast is sent its status will change to Sent and the sent time will be displayed on the Review page. You can't make changes to a Sent Broadcast.

On the Metrics tab, you can review the performance of the Broadcast.

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