Trigger - Time Trigger

The Time Trigger adds people in a Segment to a Flow at a particular date and time. For instance, you can send an email to your engaged subscribers at 2 PM on Monday.

To set up the Time Trigger step:

  • Select the Segment you'd like to add people from.
  • The time you'd like it to trigger. You can use natural language like "tomorrow at 2 PM" or the calendar/time view. 

Notes about the time:

  • The selected time can not be in the past. 
  • Currently, the Time Trigger can only trigger a Flow in your timezone. If you'd like to send an email in the person's timezone, you can use a Broadcast.
  • People can pass through a Time Trigger only once. If you want to change the date of a Time Trigger that has already run, it's recommended to create a new Time Trigger.

Finally, connect the Time Trigger to an action step (or a filter step that is connected to an action):

If you want to add more than one segment to your Flow, just drag additional triggers onto the canvas and connect them to the same step.

When to use Broadcasts and when to use a Flow with a Time Trigger?

Broadcasts and the Time Trigger are similar in that they could trigger an email at a specific date and time. 

If you want to send a one-off single newsletter we recommend creating a Broadcast.

If you want to trigger a series of emails (i.e. sequences) or other actions at a particular date and time you need to use the Time Trigger.:

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