Trigger - Typeform Submitted

This trigger step adds a person to a Flow when they submit a Typeform.

Note that:

  • This step only gets triggered if the Typeform submitted has an email address mapped to Encharge. Forms submissions that lack an email address will not trigger the step because the person is considered anonymous and not legible to enter a Flow. To learn more about when anonymous people can enter a Flow read the post on the topic.

    If you' 'd like to be able to trigger a Typeform without an email question, please create a feature request.
  • People can re-enter this step multiple times. If a person submits the form more than once, they will still enter the step.
  • To trigger form submissions from other tools please use the Form Submitted trigger.

Connecting Typeform

Before you can use this trigger you need to connect your Typeform account to Encharge. To do that go to your apps, select Typeform, click on Connect and log into your Typeform account.

Note that you can currently have just one Typeform account connected to Encharge.

Alternatively, you can connect Typeform directly from the Typeform Submitted step. 

How to set up Typeform Submitted trigger?

Select a form from your account. The first form is selected by default.

Click on Save.
Map the fields/questions from your Typeform to fields in Encharge. On the left side, you can see the Typeform fields/questions automatically generated. On the right, you can select the fields in Encharge.

Make sure to map the email field to an email field in Encharge in order to identify the form respondents.

Note that you don't need to map all of the fields.

Finally, click on Save. Now each time someone submits a Typeform form they will trigger this step and be added to the Flow.

Common questions

Do I need a Professional or Premium Typeform account to use this trigger?

No. You can use it with the Free Typeform plan. In fact, Encharge is a great way to extend the functionality of your free Typeform account with features like Email notifications.

Does a person becomes identified if they submit a Typeform?

A person will become identified if the Typeform collects their email and the email field is mapped to the Encharge email field. 

However, Typeform does not allow the installation of custom HTML code, such as our Site Tracking code, on their forms. For that reason, we won't be able to match the identified person to previous anonymous activity.

For this reason, we encourage you to send a follow-up email to people after they submit a form that includes a link. When a person clicks that link, their activity will be matched with the anonymous profile (and the anonymous activity). You will then be able to track their visits to any web page on your site.

Can I map "calculator variables"?

No, not currently. 

Can I create a segment of people that have submitted a Typeform?

No, not currently. If you'd like this feature implemented, please submit a feature request. Right now you can map form fields and questions to custom fields in Encharge and create segments with the people that have responded to these questions.

Example use cases

Automate actions and emails based on a specific response

For instance, you might want to put people into an automated email sequence or add a task in your CRM to follow-up manually depending on the budget they specify in the Typeform.

To do that, connect the Typeform Submitter trigger with a Check Condition filter step. Make sure to map the fields/questions you need, and use them in the Check Condition step. 

In the scenario below, we're adding different tags based on their answer to the biggest challenge they have:

Send an internal team notification when a person submits a Typeform

Connect the Typeform Submitted trigger with Send Email Notification action.

Set up the Send Email Notification step with the recipient and the message. You can use merge tags to populate the message with the form submission answers of the person.

Notify your team in Slack when a person submits a Typeform

In a similar way, you can send an automated Slack message to a person or a channel in your Slack workspace, and notify them about a Typeform submission. Simply connect the Typeform Submitted trigger with a Send Slack Notification action step. Note that you can also use merge tags in Slack notifications.

Send a confirmation email when a person submits a Typeform

You might want to send an automated confirmation email when a person successfully submits the Typeform. To do that connect the trigger with a Send Email step.

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