Trigger - New Salesforce Lead

This trigger adds any new Salesforce leads to a Flow in Encharge.

Note that Encharge supports syncing from Salesforce leads and contacts to Encharge – i.e., new and updated Salesforce leads/contacts will be added or updated in Encharge automatically.

In other words, you don't need to use the New Salesforce Lead trigger step to send leads to Encharge. However, you can use this trigger to perform a specific action with new leads.

Connecting Salesforce

Before you can use this trigger you need to connect your Salesforce account to Encharge. To do that go to your apps, select Salesforce, click on Connect and log inто your Salesforce account. Finally, authorize Encharge.

Note that you can currently have just one Salesforce account connected to Encharge.

Alternatively, you can connect Salesforce directly from the New Salesforce Lead step. 

How to set up New Salesforce Lead trigger?

This trigger does not require any additional setup, simply connect the trigger to an action step or a filter step connected to an action:

You can refine which leads continue in the Flow by using a filter step.

How to map Salesforce fields to Encharge?

To map fields from Salesforce go to your apps page, click on Salesforce and then select the Map Fields tab. Note that for the Salesforce integration you only need to map your fields once – any Salesforce-related steps in the Flow builder will use that mapping. Also, note that Encharge supports two-way sync with Salesforce.

Common questions

Will this trigger automatically import existing leads to Encharge?

No. This trigger will only add new Salesforce leads. To add existing Salesforce leads export leads from Salesforce and import them in Encharge.

If I import leads to Salesforce will they enter a Flow through this trigger?


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