Trigger - Booked Calendly Meeting

This trigger adds people to Encharge Flow when they book a new meeting in Calendly.

Note that due to limitations in Calendly, this trigger works only with Premium and Pro Calendly accounts.

Connecting Calendly

Before you can use this trigger you need to connect your Calendly account to Encharge. To do that go to your apps, select Calendly, and click on Connect. 

There you can also map the Calendly fields to Encharge fields.

Note that you can currently have just one Calendly account connected to Encharge.

How to set up Booked Calendly Meeting trigger?

Drag the step onto the canvas area and click on it to configure it. In the setup, you can select which meeting type to trigger with this step. You can select one or more meeting types, or leave it blank to trigger it on all meetings.

Then simply connect the trigger to an action step or a filter step connected to an action:

Custom fields for Calendly

After connecting your Calendly account, you will be able to manage the custom fields for Calendly. To do this, simply go to Manage > Custom Fields > Calendly.

You can edit, duplicate, move to a folder, or archive them by clicking on the three-dot button before each name. Editing the fields gives you the ability to change their name, type, and description.

  • Calendly.Meeting Status - indicates the status of the last booked meeting if active or canceled
  • Calendly.Meeting Name - name of the last booked meeting.
  • Calendly.Meeting Start Time - time when the last booked meeting starts

Note on Calendly Meeting Start Time: If a Calendly meeting has been booked, the Calendly meeting Start Time will be displayed to you in your account's timezone. To the other attendees (or team members in different time zones), the start time will be displayed in their respective time zones.

For instance, there is a 7-hour difference between New York EST (GMT -5) and Sofia, Bulgaria EET (GMT +2), which means if someone from New York books a Calendly meeting for 8:00 AM, it would appear as 3:00 PM on the calendar of the attendee from Sofia. And if your account's time zone is GMT -5 the start time for the meeting will show as 08:00 in Encharge. Regardless of the time shown in either of the attendees’ calendars, the meeting will happen at the same time for them. Calendly removes the hassle of having to adjust or convert timezones and Encharge works smartly by applying the same to your Calendly Meeting Start time.

Example Use Cases

Send a confirmation email

Send a confirmation email when a person books a call with you and share more details about your meeting.

Notify our team about the meeting

Send internal team notifications in Slack or via email and notify your whole team about the new meeting.

Create a new deal in HubSpot

Save time and automatically create a new deal for the person. Set the deal stage to "Call booked" or "Demo booked".

Use the Date Field Trigger step to send an email before or after the meeting

Send a follow-up or confirmation email to people using the Date Field Trigger. Select from one of these options on the field:

  • Before - days, business days, or hours before the start date and time of the meeting
  • On - exactly on the date and time of the meeting
  • After - days, business days, or hours after the date and time

Connect the trigger step to a Send Email step and select the email that you created as the confirmation/follow-up email.

If you use the Date Field Trigger, the step will be triggered relative to the timezone of the person. This means that if the email is set to be sent 5 minutes before the meeting, the person will receive the email 5 minutes before the start time in their time zone, and you will also receive it 5 minutes before in your time zone. Put in other words, you don't have to worry about making any conversions to the Calendly Meeting Start time - Calendly and Encharge take care of this for you.

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