Trigger - Canceled Calendly Meeting

This trigger adds people to Encharge Flow when they cancel a meeting in Calendly. 

Note that due to limitations in Calendly, this trigger works only with Premium and Pro Calendly accounts.

Connecting Calendly

Before you can use this trigger you need to connect your Calendly account to Encharge. To do that go to your apps, select Calendly, and click on Connect. 

There you can also map the Calendly fields to Encharge fields.

Note that you can currently have just one Calendly account connected to Encharge.

How to set up Canceled Calendly Meeting trigger?

Drag the step onto the canvas area and click on it to configure it. In the setup, you can select which meeting type to trigger with this step. You can select one or more meeting types or leave it blank to trigger it on all meetings.

Then simply connect the trigger to an action step or a filter step connected to an action.

Example Use Cases

Follow-up about a time to reschedule

As sales and marketing people we know that a canceled meeting doesn't always mean a lost client. With this Flow you can automatically follow-up by asking about a more convenient time to reschedule the call.

Change the HubSpot deal stage to Lost 

If you prefer you can always change the deal stage for this person to Closed – Lost

Reduce the lead score for that person

A canceled meeting is often a clear indication of a decreased interest or the lead going cold. You can reflect that by reducing their lead score.

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