Action - Wait

The Wait action step makes a person wait before moving to the next step.

This is the action step you will use to create a time-based sequence of emails. For instance, if you'd like to send a lead nurturing email every day, you will add a Wait step with a period of 1 day in between the emails as shown below:

How to set up a Wait action step?

Drag the step onto the canvas area and select it. Then choose the period a person has to wait before continuing to the next step.

There are two available options for the time period:

  • A specific period (selected by default when you start setting up the step)
  • Until a specific step.

You can select one or the other, or both options simultaneously.

A specific period

A relative period of time for the person to wait – minutes, hours, or days. For example: "5 days".

Until a specific time

The person waits until a specific day and time. Select the day(s) and choose a specific time or period of time. The person will wait on the step until that day and time. 

Note that to increase your email's engagement the time on this step will use the contact's timezone. If a timezone is not available, it will default back to using the timezone of your Encharge account.

For example, you can select all workdays at exactly 9 AM. A person will wait on this step until 9 AM Monday. This is useful if you wish to avoid sending emails on Weekends. 

A specific period and then wait until a specific period

You can use both options simultaneously. That way, a person will wait on the step for a specific period of time and then wait additionally until the specific day and time.

This approach is useful if you want to have a delay before sending the email (or executing another action) but still ensure the email is sent at the specified day(s) and time.

Note that it's not possible for a person to "miss" the waiting period. They will always stay in the wait step until the specified period is reached.

When you're done with the step setup, simply connect it to another action or filter step. 

Once the Flow is active, you can see how many people are currently waiting on this step:

Common questions

Can I change the waiting period for people that have already entered the step?

No. Once a person enters this step, the waiting period will always be the same as the period selected for the step at the time of entering.

If you change the waiting period, only people who enter the step in the future will receive the new time.

What does "day" mean in terms of time?

A day is 24 hours. A waiting period starts counting down from the moment a person enters the step. For instance, if a person enters the step on Tuesday at 9 AM, they will continue to the next step at 9 AM on Wednesday.

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