Action - Change Field

This action changes a person's field (or multiple fields) to a new value specified by you. The step works both with default fields and custom fields.

For example, you can change the custom field "Lead type" to "High value" when a person enters a segment of Active subscribers. 

To do that connect Entered Segment trigger step to Change Field action step.

On the Change Field step set the "Lead type" field value to "High value":

Supported values

Note that the new value must be supported by the field type:

  • Text field – supports all characters and numbers.
  • Number field – supports numbers only.
  • True/false field – the blue must be "true" or "false" (without the quotation marks and without capital letters).
  • Date field – must be a date in the ISO 8601 format. For example, 2021-02-08T12:58:01.495Z. You can use this Timestamp generator to generate an ISO 8601 date.

Note that:

  • If you use an unsupported value, a person will enter the step successfully but the field value will not change.
  • It's not possible to change an email address because the system uses the email address to identify the person.

Using merge tags 

You can use Merge tags when setting up the new value. This would enable you to change the field value to another field's value. For example, you can change the "Lead type" field value to be that of their lead score or client's budget (to quantify the value of the lead).

To do that, select the tag icon at the top right and search for the field. Once you click on the field's name a merge tag will be generated, similarly to how merge tags are generated in emails.

Pro tip: To change a field to the current date and time use the special merge tag {% now %}.

For instance, you can create a custom field "Last email activity" and connect the Email Activity trigger to a Change Field action to update the field with the date and time of the latest email activity:

Updating multiple fields

To update more than one field, simply connect your trigger step to more than one Change Field action steps.

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