Action - Subscribe to Mailchimp

This action subscribers a person in your Encharge account to an audience in Mailchimp. If the contact doesn't exist in your Mailchimp account they will be added as a new contact.

Connecting Mailchimp

Before you can use this action you need to connect your Mailchimp account to Encharge. To do that go to your apps, select Mailchimp, click on Connect and log into your Mailchimp account.

Note that you can currently have only one Mailchimp account connected to Encharge.

Alternatively, you can connect Mailchimp directly from the step. 

How to set up Subscribe to Mailchimp action?

Select the Mailchimp Audience to add the subscriber to:

Add subscriber tags (optional). Tags are a convenient way to keep your Mailchimp contacts organized. Separate multiple tags with commas.

Click on Save
A list of all of your Mailchimp fields will show on the stap. You can map Encharge fields to Mailchimp fields. However, note that this is optional.

Once you're done, click on Save. That's it! The step is set up.
Finally, make sure that the Subscribe to Mailchimp action is connected to at least one trigger step.

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