Trigger - Trial Ends

This step uses the "Trial End" date field (a default person's field in Encharge) to trigger an email (or another action) before, after, or when a person's trial ends. 

To set up the step, select when you want the trigger to fire:

  • X days before a trial ends.
  • When a trial ends - this will match exactly the value date of the "Trial End" field.
  • X days after a trial ends.

Finally, connect the trigger to an action step. The example below will trigger an email 3 days before the "Trial End" date:

Important note: 

The Trial Ends trigger will start an automation regardless of the customer's paying status. Even if the Customer has converted to a subscription, the trigger will execute nonetheless. To handle this, add a Check Condition Step after the trigger as follows:

Make sure the Check Condition condition is set as the Field that represents the Customer's Subscription Status.

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