Single Person Profiles

Each person in Encharge has their profile. To access a person's profile click on their entry on the People's page.

The person's profile has two main sections:

  • The left sidebar includes the data of the person: their image (taken from Gravatar), tags, and person fields (both default and custom fields).
  • The right section includes their latest activity: email activity (opens, clicks, and so on), events, page visits, as well as the Flows and steps that they have entered. Some activity like the events contain additional information such as Event properties – to view those click on the "More" button on the right.

Deleting and adding tags

You can delete specific tags by clicking on the X icon next to each tag.

To add a tag, click on the [+] button at the bottom.

Edit fields

To edit the fields of the person click on the Edit button below the tags, change the desired fields and finally click Save.

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