Free Email Validation

Encharge is the only marketing automation platform in the world that comes with free built-in email verification. Every email address you add to your Encharge account gets automatically verified, that way keeping your account clean and your sending reputation in a perfect state.

What does "free" exactly mean?

Free means free. This feature is available on all Encharge accounts and all plans. Whether you have 100 contacts or 100,000 — all of the email addresses in your account will be automatically verified at no additional cost. 

You might be asking yourself why do we offer this for free when other companies charge hundreds of dollars for the same service? It's simple. We want to ensure that all of our customers have the best deliverability possible, that way keeping the overall sending reputation and deliverability of our email servers high. It's a win-win.

How does the verification process work?

The email verification process works in the background. There are no steps and no setup on your side.

Each time a new person with an email address is added to your account – whether through an import or through one of the automated integrations or Flows — Encharge will verify their email address automatically. 

Once an email address is verified it will show on the person's profile. The fields "Email Validation Result" and "Email Validation Confidence" will be populated. 

Email Validation Result has 3 possible values:

  • Valid – the email address is valid and safe to send to.
  • Unknown – it's not possible to validate this email address at this time. We still send emails to unknown email addresses and they will not be unsubscribed.
  • Invalid – the email address is not valid and Encharge will not send emails to this address as they will result in bounces. However, people with Invalid emails will not be unsubscribed.

Note that you can manually change the validation result. Simply go to the person's profile, click on the Edit button and update the value from "invalid" to "valid" or vice versa. Then,

Pro tip: If you'd like to unsubscribe people with invalid and unknown email addresses you can create a segment with that property and then a flow with the Entered Segment trigger and Change Field action to change the Unsubscribed field to true.

Email Validation Confidence is how confident we are in the result on a scale from 0 to 100, where 100 is the highest possible confidence.

Disposable Email. True means that the email is a temporary email. Encharge will send emails to Disposable email addresses as normal. 

Role Email. True means that the email is a general email like "[email protected]", "[email protected]", etc. Encharge will send emails to Role email addresses as normal. 

How Encharge verifies emails?

Encharge has a thorough 5-tier verification process:

  1. Email format check – first, we ensure that the email is entered correctly and all symbols are in place.
  2. Domain check – Encharge checks if the email's domain exists.
  3. Тemporary email check – We check if the email address is hosted on a temporary or disposable email domain. Note that we don’t mark temporary emails as invalid. However, you can create a segment of people with temporary emails using the Field condition and automatically unsubscribe or archive those people.
  4. MX record check – An MX record check ensures that the email address is in use and able to accept emails.
  5. SMTP authentication – Encharge pings the email address, which is the ultimate and most reliable way to check if an email is valid.

How long does the verification process take?

The verification process is quick – it usually takes no more than 5 seconds to verify an email address. On some rare occasions, we are unable to verify an email and retry verifying it 15-30 minutes later. 

Note that the whole process happens in the background, so it shouldn't have an impact on your overall work with Encharge.

How reliable is the verification process?

The verification works for 98% of all of the email addresses. If you believe the result is wrong, you can manually change it.

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