Unsubscribed People

Unsubscribed people are people who have opted out from receiving emails from you.

Unsubscribed people do not count toward the total number of people on your billing plan.

There are 4 common unsubscribe reasons:

  • Person clicked on an Unsubscribe link in one of your emails.
  • Person reported one of your emails as spam.
  • Person's email address is invalid. We validate this when we send an email to a person.
  • Email bounced. Along with the technical reason for bouncing.

How to see unsubscribed people?

To find if an individual person is unsubscribed check their profile for the Unsubscribed field. By default, for subscribed people that field is empty. For unsubscribed people, the field's value is "True".

We also record the unsubscribed reason in a default field with the same name:

To see a list of all of the unsubscribed people in your account view the pre-made Segment "Unsubscribed" that comes with your account:

Or create a new Segment using the condition below:

How to re-subscribe an unsubscribed person?

To re-subscribe an unsubscribed person edit their profile and change their Unsubscribed field value from True to False.

Batch re-subscribe people

To batch re-subscribe people create a Flow with Entered Segment Trigger Step (using a Segment of people who you'd like to re-subscribe) and Change Field Action Step. 

Make sure that the Entered Segment Trigger Step is configured to include people "Who are currently in this segment, and who enter this segment in the future."

The Change Field Action Step has to be set with the value "False":

Can I create Flows with unsubscribed people?

Absolutely! An unsubscribed person is someone who has opted out from receiving your emails, but you can still create marketing automation campaigns with them. 

For example, you can add unsubscribed people to a Facebook ads audience or reach out to them manually by creating a sales task in your HubSpot CRM.

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